EPDM Rubber Roofs in Newington Connecticut

EPDM rubber roofs are more durable and environmentally sustainable for having outstanding characteristics as well. It works ideal when installing a rooftop deck system compared to that of the asphalt base system, which compresses due to weather variations. This roof system tends to have a cleaner look than that of the asphalt type system.

Our Newington, Connecticut rubber roofing Contractors are well aware that roof goes through seasonal weather shifts that have its hazardous impact on the roof. Rubber Roofs can be installed in existing roofs as well as brand-new roofs. With EPDM, an existing structure can successfully carry the weight of the brand-new roofing system.

Artisan's Specialized Team Of EPDM Roofing System Repair Specialists in Newington

Our team specializes in complete roof repair kits, including EPDM repairs and replacement of EPDM roofs such as pond liner, decks, residential, commercial building, landscaping, and many more throughout Newington, CT.