The Best Trails In Berlin

Trails in Berlin, CT

Berlin, Connecticut, is known for its top local spots, breathtaking natural vistas, mountainous landscape, and general laidback atmosphere. The town is an excellent place for people to reconnect with nature and enjoy some quiet time. If you’re planning a hike, run, or trail in the Berlin area, these are some of the top trails in the area:

Best Trails in Berlin, CT

Ragged Mountain Blue and Red Blaze Loop

The Ragged Mountain Blue and Red Blaze Loop is a nearly 6-mile trail with excellent views of the Wassel Reservoir. The route is pretty rocky but considered moderate on the scale of difficulty. Hikers are treated to rock formations, vernal pools, cliff views, and a fantastic waterfall along the trail. The trail is a popular one, so hikers should expect a fair share of foot traffic on the route.

Metacomet Trail

The Metacomet Trail is a 50-mile trail that follows along the Metacomet Ridge. The trail offers hikers fantastic views of the Berlin area; hikers will also have the opportunity to walk along the stunning Merrimere Reservoir. If you’re not up to doing a 50-mile hike, the trail does have shorter routes and loops available. The trail is excellent for runners, walkers, and hikers alike. Visitors can also bring their dogs as long as they’re kept on a leash.

Pistol Creek

Pistol Creek was once a beautiful 18-hole golf course abandoned in the early 2000s. The area is an ideal space for all sorts of outdoor activities, including walking, running, taking the dog for a walk, cycling, and more. The Pistol creek trail also passes by a peaceful river, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the occasional beaver, kingfisher, and herons.

Mattabesett Trail

The Mattabesett Trail can also be found on the Metacomet Ridge. The trail is 51-miles with a gradual gradient. Much like the Metacomet Trail, the Mattabesett has shortcuts and shorter routes for hikers to take should they not be in the mood for a 51-mile trek. The trail is surrounded by lush woodlands, making the trail excellent for all nature lovers.