Newington, CT Trusted Roof Wind Damage Contractors

Many unforeseen weather circumstances can lead to roof damage, not the least of which is high winds. Storms may come with high winds at any time of the year, ultimately leading to severe negative consequences on roofs. These winds add extreme tension to roof shingles, which can often result in Newington, CT roof damage. 

It's difficult to continually prevent roof damage from intense storms accompanied by high winds; however, a professionally installed roof is your best ally. A well-constructed roof can resist wind damage, saving you money down the road.

These are critical elements of a wind-resistant roof:

  • Secure Decking - The layer of wood underneath your roof's shingles is a critical element to wind resistance. The layer is often made of plywood or ledger board. Hire a trusted roofer to ensure your roof sheathing is wind resistant.
  • Roofing Materials - Consult with one of our Newington CT Roofing professionals to help choose the best roof materials for your region. 
  • Not only are your shingles at risk due to wind damage, but other elements could be affected, such as Ridge vents, flashing, and penetrations. All these roof elements need to be appropriately secured to resist wind damage continuously.



The roofing crew was very efficient in their work.

Artisan Building & Remodeling was an excellent choice for replacing my wind-damaged shingles. Of the various roofing companies that came out to give estimates, Brandon was the only one who insisted I let him speak to my insurance company on my behalf. He was even present when the insurance inspector came out to look at my roof. I feel I would not have succeeded on my own in negotiating anything with my insurance company. The roofing crew was very efficient in their work. Everyone on the team had a job to do, no time was wasted. Brandon was always thorough with his communications, whether it be by phone, email or text. He was always prompt – more prompt than the insurance inspector. I’m very satisfied with and highly recommend Artisan Building & Remodeling!

Rating: 5

- Review by Virgiva WS