Why You Should Consider Wood Siding For Your Berlin Home


Updating your home’s siding is a guaranteed way to increase its value and overall visual appeal. Not only does siding beautify your home, but it also insulates your home thus increasing its energy efficiency and saving you thousands. If you are looking to increase the look and feel of your Berlin home, then wood siding is perfect.

Artisan Building & Remodeling offers quality wood siding installations to the community of Berlin. Putting customer service at the forefront of our business, we’re committed to serving our local community with only the best in wood siding.

With a variety of wood materials available, there’s sure to be something suited for you and your home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cabin vibe or a trendy rustic bungalow feel, installing wood siding is the perfect way to add value and style to your home.

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Types of Wood Siding

The wood we use ranges from softer and more pliable varieties to durable and hearty kinds. The cost of the wood siding panels reflects their consistency; the stronger woods are going to be more expensive since they’re more resistant to decay and damage.

Cedar, redwood, and cypress are all examples of more durable wood while pine and spruce fall into the softwood category. The cost of these woods varies, due to their strength and also your location.

Once you’ve decided on the type of wood that you would like, you’ll then have to consider which design and style variation you would like.

One way is clapboard siding where boards of wood overlap, almost like shingles, creating a wedged effect. Alternatively, you may prefer horizontal panels, traditional shingles, shakes, or more artistic choices with various shades and shapes of wood.

As a natural substance, wood siding is environmentally friendly; it is biodegradable, even when worn down. However, that may be a problem for some, as even the most premium wood siding materials will start to decay over time. Wood siding systems tend to have a lifespan of around thirty years.

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Maintaining Wood Siding

While wood is a highly resilient material, it does require regular maintenance. Since wood expands and retracts with changing temperatures, warping may occur, which over time can lead to your wood panels bending and breaking.

Wood is also susceptible to termite and carpenter ant infestation. Usually, signs of these pests mean that wood decay is already in progress, and they will undoubtedly speed up the process. To prevent corrosion and fires in your home, it’s essential to have your wood siding treated.

As long as your wood siding is adequately maintained and professionally installed, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about. See the difference natural wood can make by bringing a bit of rustic charm to your home’s exterior.

Artisan Building & Remodeling is Berlin’s Leading Wood Siding Company

We’re experts in all things home exterior, and we’re huge fans of exceptional wood siding systems for your Berlin home. There’s just something about the look and feel of real wood that just can’t be replicated.

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Here at Artisan Building & Remodeling, we take customer service seriously. We’re your neighbors, and as a local business in Berlin, it’s our pleasure to serve those in our community. Whether you need a wood siding replacement or you’re after that traditional rustic look that only wood can deliver, our siding contractors are the ones for the job.

Our friendly staff and highly talented artisans won’t let you down. From beginning to end, our customers are the heart of every project, and we want you to be involved in every step of the process. Just imagine what a beautiful wood siding job can do for your home. Now, let us help you make that dream a reality.

Want to know more about our available wood siding options? Call us today, and we’ll sit down with you for a free consultation. Start the process with a personalized quote and get excited about your brand-new wood siding.

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